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EST 1985

Based and established in Surabaya, Indonesia on 1985.

MODICO has since been a supplier of premium furniture with affordable price.

We offer a broad range of furniture including sofa, upholstery, wood and metal materials. We ensure we treat our customers carefully and are satisfied with our products.


Upholstery Furniture , Solid Wood & Veneer Furniture, Metal Furniture, Kitchen & Cabinetery


The Combination of high quality material and Craftmanship

We make custom furniture pieces based on your design and only use high grade materials for our product.

We strive to make every piece a masterpiece.


We also collaborate with many designers
to make their design become real.
Proportion and detail are our concern
We ensuring that each piece of furniture is
guided carefully from the drawing phase
through finishing stages.

Upholstery Product

Precision machinery
Professional Worker

Under our professional team and machineries with international standard to maintain our products are durable , well finished and precision. We ensure that every design is custom made, based upon quality engineering and sustainable construction.

Solid Wood & Veneers

All Veneer selected from our stocks follows a quality system scrutinizing moisture content, pattern, color and identifying any defects before processing into product. Quality control is performed repeatedly throughout the numerous steps of production, Assembly and Finishing.

Finishing Department

Our finishes range from highly polished to satin from our highly talented painting department. Polyurethane (PU) is our durable finish of choice, however, customers may request other finishing systems, such as Nitro-Cellulose(NC).

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